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A Brand by Any Other Name

Created on Wednesday, October 24 2012 10:08

Branding is one of those concepts that seems to spark a lot of debate. Exactly what is branding? Why is it important (or is it)? How do you develop a brand? Even among marketing professionals, there are often conflicting ideas about what the definition of branding is, and therefore it's impact on businesses.

It's All About You

Created on Wednesday, August 29 2012 10:09

The goal for this blog is to empower you. Oh sure, I'll write about me once in a while, but hopefully, that will be the rare exception, not the rule. No, this blog is about YOU. The YOU I'm referring to is the small business owner, the freelancer, the entrepreneur, and the marketer (usually in the form of a hat worn by the other 3).


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